DuQuella Decorative Ceramic Tile Glazes


Our palette of glazes is vast at nearly 300 different colors. We offer extensive choices in matte and gloss finish glazes and glazes with variation that are visually textured. We encourage mixing the three types of glazes on the same tile. Many of our standard colorways are this way. This mixing adds variety and gives more life and interest to the tile.

Our matte glazes do vary in how matte they are. Some are completely matte and even a bit rough to the touch while others have a non-reflective soft sheen surface.

Our glazes with variation, or as we like to call it, visual texture, come in both matte and gloss finishes. By variation, we mean that the glaze might have lighter or darker specks of the same color in it. Some glazes have specks or even small areas of different colors in them. Some variated glazes halo a lighter value around the edge of the tile or near the raised lines of the design. These variations happen in the kiln during the firing and are quite organic. When sending out a sample of a variated glaze, we try to send a tile chip that represents well what the glaze can do. Variated glazes can be very exciting when used for field tile. The variation of color brings richness to an area that might be otherwise very flat.


As we make our tile for each specific order, we can offer custom glaze colors on any and all of our designs. We also offer this exciting option at no extra charge. Choosing custom colors to coordinate with the other decor in your index is free.

When purchasing our tile, you may choose our standard colorway shown for that tile or you may choose custom colors. With either option, we offer a color chip sample program to be sure that you are getting what you are expecting or to help you choose your custom glaze colors. We know that computer monitors differ slightly from true color so we encourage our clients to double check that the standard colorway they ordered is suitable.

If you choose the custom color option when you order your tile online, we will contact you to discuss your color needs. Your tile can continue to progress through the steps involved in making it while you decide on your glaze choices. For custom colors it is helpful if you will send us items to represent the colors you are interested in using - paint chips, fabric swatches, countertop samples, etc. and we will send you a package of glaze color choices based on your samples and the tile design you have chosen.

If you have any questions at all about our glazes or custom color program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to answer any of your questions.


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