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Contact DuQuella Tile For Your Custom Decorative Ceramic Art Tile Projects

DuQuella  Tile Custom Decorative Ceramic Tile Service

Let us design exactly what you want. Searching through the maze of showrooms for that “perfect” tile will be but a dim memory! Why settle for something that “might work”. Avoid trying to convey your ideas through a salesperson to the artist. Deal directly with us either in person, by phone or e-mail.

Initial Sketch
Completed Mural


We will translate your dream into a work of art. Beyond the initial visionary design phase we also assist you with planning the layout of the tile, tile size and glaze color selection. We have an extensive color palette and offer custom colors. We also custom cut your tile to meet the size requirements of your project. A detailed diagram is supplied and the tiles are numbered to assist your installer.

Custom tile is affordable. As we make all our tile per order, custom glazes are available for any of our existing designs or custom designs at no additional charge. For custom designs we only charge a fee for the initial design development. Your custom tile is then priced at our regular pricing for our stock designs.

We design with your budget in mind. Want to go conservative? The thoughtful application of a small amount of decorative art tile, relating in design, color and style, can transform an environment. Want to go lavish? That's fun too!

We can design from ideas, sketches, and examples of a style. Designs can be inspired by wallpaper, fabric, or china patterns. Our extensive design library of historic and traditional motifs also provide inspiration. Existing DuQuella Tile patterns can be amended or we can create your own unique tiles. The possibilities are endless.

We will help you throughout the entire process to ensure that you are thrilled by your custom tile. If you are unsure about what you want, as skilled designers, we can advise and offer innovative design and layout solutions.


Please contact us for all custom services.



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