About Our Tile

About Our DuQuella Decorative Ceramic Tile

The charm of hand crafted tiles is expressed in their richness of style and color. Because each individual tile is hand tubelined and glazed, it possesses its own unique character. This uniqueness is expressed by slight variations of color and design.

The kiln firing also plays a role in the charm of hand crafted tiles. Temperature differences within the kiln can affect the intensity of the colors. Other subtleties can be attributed to variations in the raw materials used in our glazes. Slight surface imperfections and bumps can occur naturally during the firing process of tile. These imperfections are not defects and in no way affect the integrity of the tiles.

Crazing is a characteristic of many glazed ceramic tiles and is not a defect in the tile and does not generally alter the tile’s performance. Glazed tiles sometimes craze before or after installation and occasionally even years later. This crackle effect is sometimes a desired decorative effect. It is not possible to guarantee against crazing since it can be caused by minor tension between the glaze and tile body.

We do not recommend our tubelined tiles be used on countertops. They are suitable for any wall applications, e.g., kitchen walls and back splashes, bathroom walls and back splashes, shower walls, fireplaces.

Our tiles are fired to nearly 2000°F, melting the glaze into a durable, color-fast glass surface. In the firing the raised tubeline becomes a permanent part of the tile. The raised tubeline may chip with abrupt contact with hard or sharp objects. Small chips may be repaired with clear fingernail polish. Clean with a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth.

Care should be taken when grouting to avoid covering the tubelined areas of the tile with grout. Grout will settle in the fine detail and be very difficult to remove later. Careful application in these areas using grout application bags and/or masking off the tubelined areas to protect them is highly recommended. Our tiles are designed to have a small grout width and therefore unsanded grout is recommended. Sanded grout may scratch the glaze surface and is only required for larger grout widths.

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