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Decorative Ceramic Wall Tile

The best way to add pizzazz to an otherwise dull space is to decorate with ceramic wall tiles. Vibrant, unique, and elegant, decorative ceramic tiles provide the perfect outlet for domestic expression. At DuQuella Tile, we specialize in decorative ceramic wall tiles. Individually designed and hand crafted, each of our decorative ceramic wall tiles is designed with beauty in mind. From our studio to your index, our ceramic tiles are individual works of art.

Visit our DuQuella Catalog website for custom decorative ceramic fireplace tile.

Decorative Ceramic Wall Tile To Transform Your Space

Because we specialize in Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco designs (among other styles), our decorative ceramic wall tiles boast a decidedly unique flavor. We also offer specialty field tiles that coordinate with our decorative tiles. Unlike tile showrooms and/or vast index decoration outlets that offer pre-made items, all of our products are made to order. In other words, we don't start the creation process until we hear from you. Working this way, we are able to offer custom glaze colors at no additional charge.

The Limitless Possibilities of Decorative Ceramic Wall Tile
At DuQuella Tile, there is virtually no design limit. In addition to our wide variety of in-house designs and glazes, our family of artists is more than happy to work with you in creating your very own works of art. We can create site-specific tile designs and even offer tile layout services.

Endless Wall Tile Patterns and Color Selections

Here at DuQuella Tile, we believe that each client offers us a new opportunity to create and inspire. For more information about our ceramic tile services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love nothing more than to hear from you!For more information about the tiles available here at DuQuella Tile or if you would like to speak to someone about commissioning a custom order, EMAIL US or call Toll Free 1-866-218-8221 today. We can also work with you to help determine the layout of your chosen tiles.

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Visit our DuQuella Catalog website for custom decorative ceramic tile.

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